Report Card: Witan's long-term outperformance continues to stack up


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It’s been increasing its dividend for 43 years, including double digit increases two years in a row – Witan’s carefully curated portfolio is doing rather well. Fast Facts Large and liquid global investment trust Multi manager which means it selects the best external managers globally to manage different parts of its portfolio of investments Interim…


I like the video that accompanies the results. haven’t seen anyone else doing that yet…


i suppose this one is more aimed at newbies…


Really good article. Witan has become pretty stable these past few years. it’s not a shoot the lights out kind of fund but that means it’s not too risky either.

I think it is very well managed.


I think this is a good trust to buy and hold and if you do it will become a good example of the benefit of compounding. The dividend whilst lowish, initially, is growing so fast that a few years down the line it’ll equal a very high percentage on the original investment.

I get peace of mind from the good stewardship of this trust.