Report Card: Witan shareholders enjoy 40 years of growing dividends


This large global trust is one of the cheapest multi-managers around and is celebrating 10 years since moving to its current investment remit. As it r
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It’s the battle of the global trusts this week. You’ve covered Witan, F&C and Alliance Trust.

Out of this three which do people think are best?

I think I’m with Witan though F&C has got a lot better too. I’m not sure about Alliance yet.

I’m considering putting some of my ISA allowance with Witan and maybe adding to it over time. I don’t want to invest too much at once because the discount is so narrow, but maybe £5k.



I don’t own it but I’ve been watching with interest @sandradore. The narrow discount does concern me though because it is most likely to widen again if history is a guide.

That is with my ever present short term hat on however. That’s a hard habit to break. You are buying a superb collection of managers such as Tweedy Browne, Henonbridge, Matthews and Lindsell Train.

I expect Witan to do very well over the next few years.

Incidentally, there’s a shocking article in the Telegraph criticising the high fees. They completely miss the point that it’s a multi manager fund.



I saw the Telegraph article too Paul S (or is it Pauls?). They complain about costs rising from 0.60% to 1.1% but completely omit to mention the change to multi manager status. The journalist who wrote it probably doesn’t even know what a multi manager is.

Someone called DerekW has made a comment criticising it and linking to this article here, which is how I found this piece on the Which site which is more balanced.

Telegraph article ie here -


Pfff, pretty ignorant of the Telegraph. Witan is a cheap multi manager end off girlfriend (Okay I’m not that street).

The Telegraph have been a bit sloppy here. What Witan offers is a single place to place your money, trusting them to pick the underlying manager. It looks to me like they’ve selected some really good managers.

One thing that is a shame is their website is a bit dull. You would think that with all those funds they invest in they would have some interesting stuff on there from the various managers but instead it looks like something out of the 1990’s.



Tweedy Browne, Matthews and Heronbridge are fund managers you often read about in the Financial Times, you know that Monday section on fund managers but us ordinary people can’t usually invest in them.

There is an impressive line up here and you are not left wondering if they’ve selected them because they’re connected to the parent fund manager as it is with some multi-manager funds.

I’m not an investor in Witan but I kind of had a bit an old fashioned impression of it. I didn’t realise it had become so slick. I’m gonna have a closer in to it…