Recently listed property trust looking to Drum up interest


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Drum Income Plus REIT is seeking to issue up to 100 million shares as it signals its ambition to grow, with the prospect of a high annual yield. Drum Income Plus REIT (LON:DRIP), is an Edinburgh based real estate property trust or REIT, investing in the UK regional property market. Its managed by TCAM (formerly…


It’s tiny, and seems a bit like an in house fund for that law firm.

The divi looks good if that’s your thing, but I’m not sure if the commercial property boom is now over. Not too sure about regional property and this doesn’t have a long enough track record for me to jump in feet first.


The headline made me laugh but I’m not sure I’d want to investin in this until it has a much longer tack record like @khalidkhan.


This is actually a really interesting little fund. It’s buying regional property in part because it is good value. They can buy commercial assets in the UK regions that generate much better returns than the trophy assets that are going for silly prices in London and the South east to overseas buyers.

Also, the management firm are so confident of their case they’re putting their own clients in to it. I think this is a quality little income and capital growth fund.