Re Balancing My Portfolio for 2017


Hi I am looking to remodel my portfolio and would be interested in any suggestions. We are in our early 60’s, retired but only drawing one final salary pension, the other is due in 2 years. We have no need of income from the portfolio as our pension is sufficient but income may be the best way to get growth. I am holding a large amount of cash because I expected a market downturn, which didn’t happen, to create buying opportunities. We have a separate rainy day cash sum so all the cash in the portfolio is available for investment. I would prefer It if I can get the timing right but will buy OEICS if the fund is right. I have a separate SIPP portfolio which I shall deal with in another post. The current portfolio fairly large and is as follows.

Schroder Dynamic UK Smaller 7.7% OEIC
Jupiter European 6.5% OEIC
Marlborough Spec Sits 5.0% OEIC
Stewart Investors Glbl Emer Mkts 4.7% OEIC
Old Mutual Smaller Co 3.6% OEIC
Marlborough UK Micro Cap 3.4% OEIC
Liontrust Spec Sits 3.2% OEIC
JP Morgan Russian 3.1% IT
Aberdeen Global Emerg Mkts 2.6% OEIC
Scottish and Southern 2.5% Shares
Newton Asian Income 2.5% OEIC
Pacific Assets Trust 2.4% IT
Aberdeen Indian 2.3% OEIC
Schroder Oriental Income 2.3% IT
Old Mutual UK Mid Cap 2.2% OEIC
Rathbone Income 2.2% OEIC
Std Life UK Eq Unconstrained 1.6% OEIC
John Laing Infrastructure 1.0% IT
Std Life UK Smaller Co’s 0.6% OEIC
BP 0.3% Shares
Baronsmead VCT 0.3% Shares
Foresight VCT 0.1% Shares
Cash 35.2%


Does anyone have any suggestions?


Dear Shetland,

I don’t know the detail on many of your holdings, although I do have small investments in TR Property and Pacific Assets.

The strategy I follow is ‘core’ using trackers - either Vanguard or shares ETFs, and then ‘satellite’ deploying some Investment Trusts and Funds for other markets especially emerging markets and property. This really helps to keep the costs down. My starting point was Tim Hale’s Smarter Investing and then Monevator’s Slow and Steady Portfolio, I appreciate that you are probably a more experienced investor than me (only 3-4 years) but perhaps there is a little too much overlap across so many funds/IT you currently hold and that you may end up with a similar performance to a world tracker fund only with more cost?


Yes I am sure I want to continue this old conversation. no-one else wants to comment on a topic, so it should either continue, or be deleted. Not left forever in limbo.
Look You…Make your mind up and invest in your conviction.
Every fund you buy costs you buy and sell (For me it is £12buy + £12 sell)
Over the long term, £12 is nothing, grown £500 - £12 pfrfaahblox
But you buy so many different, that you don’t know what you do.
Some go up, some pretty much flat, some go down. How can you chose where to go in the future? Maybee You have muddled through and come out, overall with a small profit. Lets hope so. I would chance my money on 2 good quality, middle of the road, long time been there done it paid out to investors growth and dividend companies Look I am not just talking about invest for income-- growth counts-- but do not buy 20 Trusts in the hope that one will be 10 times better than all the others, because the chances are,… that you miss the one …and there WILL be one, that will be ONE that will beat the others.
This is what is so frustrating,