RDR puts pressure on investment trusts fees & discounts


January 1st 2013 saw the biggest change in the financial services industry in a generation with the advent of RDR, which, perhaps surprisingly has had
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Leonora Walters wrote a piece in Investors Chronicle earlier this year on the effect of regulatory change and the likely beneficiaries.

It can be accessed by following this link (needs Investors Chronicle registration)


I own both investment trusts and unit trusts though I always buy the former where I can. Reading this and the Investors Chronicle article it seems that we are all benefiting from lower charges from RDR (though I dont fully understand RDR). The bit that’s maybe missing is financial advisers recommending investment trusts.

Let’s hope we start seeing more of that because then we might see even more new investment trust launches and I for one would like to see that.


I can’t read the Investors Chronicle one. Something pops up and blocks it.

How about getting us a discount subscription?


Sam you can register on Investors Chronicle website which will allow you access to a limited number of articles.

There are discount subscriptions available too but maybe Leonora can help you there on Twitter @LeonoraWalters


I’m just getting used to email. Twitter is beyond me.

Just as well. Who would be interested in following my life, …read the Racing Post, placed some bets, sold some shares, ate scrambled egg on toast…



That’s more interesting than most of the Tweets that I read Sam!

I’ll pass on your comments.