RCM Technology Trust proffers an experienced hand at the wheel of growth


The high valuations we’re witnessed with deals such as Facebook’s acquisition of Whatsapp and of Uber’s fund-raising, has added to concerns that we’re
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This does go some way to allaying my concerns for the sector and about it being over valued.

I did look at Herald and Polar technology investment trusts earlier this year but I was too nervous of them then.

The RCM trust wasn’t really on my radar but I think I’m going to dip my toe in the water with this one. I don’t much in Tech, no Scottish Mortgage either.

Does anyone else own this or maybe considering it?


I was aware of this trust but the fees were frankly preposterous. I wasn’t aware they had changed but now that they have I wouldn’t be surprised if there are moves to grow it because it’s quit small.

Performance has been good and Walter Price has a wonderful track record. He makes a spritely defence of the Tech sector and an on-going and current investment theme.


I’m not sure there might be a better time to buy in to this and that perhaps Big tech has further to fall.

I’d never really considered the ‘Value’ aspect of some tech companies but it does make perfect sense. HP, IBM, Dell - all have or had weak share prices (Dell has been sold to Private Equity now).