Ranger Direct cancels share issue as Funding Circle Floats


Originally published at: http://whichinvestmenttrust.com/ranger-direct-cancels-share-issue-as-funding-circle-floats/
The specialist lending trust was seeing to raise £135 million from investors but pulled it at the last minute, but it’s not all bad news in this relatively new sector, as Funding Circle successfully launches after raising £150 million. Ranger Direct Lending (LON:RDL) was due to proceed with a £135 million fund raising last week,…


I always believed that the fees on these things were outrageous. Funding Circle is still on the high side3, i know there’s no fee for the actual trust but the underlying fee on the Funding Circle platform is 1%. If it wasn’t for the 1-and-10% or 1-and-15% charged by these P2P/Ranger/VPC charlatans Funding Circle would look deer IMHO.

I think they should be looking to pay no more than 0.75, given the benefits to offer to Finding Circle in the way of a large pool of liquid money.