Profile: Aberdeen in Asia


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Although a relatively young firm founded in 1983, Aberdeen were one of the first asset management firms to set up a base in Asia, which helped propel them to become the the global giant they are today, but it’s also the reason for their recent difficulties. Around 85% of Singaporeans come in to contact with…


They are suffering right now, I’ve read a lot in the papers about poor Aberdeen and those surprising takeover rumours too.

I wonder if now might be a good time to think about buying their shares or if there’s worse to come. They are pretty cheap when you compare them to Schroders or Henderson in terms of the P/E.

Think I’m more attracted to buying Aberdeen shares than buying their funds right now.


I was in Singapore last year and I noticed their posters on the underground too.

I think over the long term Aberdeen have undoubtedly been a good place to invest, across the range (almost), not been very good recently, look at the likes of Murray International, pretty poor there too.

I think they’re still one of the best quality fund managers though, especially amongst the larger ones, along with Henderson, who are probably even better.

JP Morgan on the other hand are a bit pants, mediocre performance and closet trackers.


I have New Dawn investment trust which has not done at all well lately but it has done very well over the period I’ve owned it.

I think one of the reasons Aberdeen funds are performing poorly is that they refuse to deviate from their sensibly cautious investment strategy in a sort of dash for trash as some are want to.

I am more than happy to stick with my Aberdeen holdings (I also own both of the Murray’s and Dunedin), in the expectation that the cycle will turn, it always does, and in the meanwhile I trust that Aberdeen aren’t taking risks with my investments that I would not be happy with.

If you haven’t done so already have a read through the Q&A session with Aberdeen’s Singapore team for the type of straight talking I expect out of Aberdeen in response to some brash and brazen questioning -