Peaking Inside the Mind of City of London’s Job Curtis


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As he prepares to celebrate 25 years as City of London manager, Job Curtis spoke at our recent seminar and explained his approach to managing money. After being in his job for a quarter of a century, you might think he has seen it all before, but Job Curtis sees excited, and so he should…


I think this is a terrific fund, it just keeps on delivering. It’s the kind of holding you can go away and forget about for a few years and it’s still there doing its job.


But isn’t it just a glorified tracker fund except with much higher charges?


@steve City of London has beaten the All share index for the past 8 years - and if you look at the graph in the article its not just beaten the index, it’s trounced it.

If that is what you think of as being an index fund you need to look up the definition.

What it is is a low cost way to gain a fairly conservative exposure to the main UK stock market, whilst earning a good dividend.

I’m with @dallas, this is a great little trust.


I don’t it’s designed to be a shoot the lights out fund @steve, Job Curtis talks about being conservative quite a lot. But it is a lot better than a tracker and whilst the fees aren’t as low as a tracker they still are very low.

I think most people like me who have worked hard to earn our savings are attracted to a fund like this because it’s not taking too many risks but it is delivering good steady returns.

What’s not to like about that.


Having just the article on Smart Beta on here it strikes me that the best form of smart beta is probably City of london- it’s so smart it’s been beating all those tracker funds for 25 (or more) years.

I just don’t understand why anyone would bother with a tracker when you can have something like this, a good manager who can dodge some (not all) of the stock markets volatility bullets.