Pacific Horizon’s new manager claims his region is the real driver of Emerging Markets


New managers are given a bit of a hard time by investors impatient for a track record of success. But Pacific Horizon’s new manager thinks he has the
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It sounds to me like he’s trying to ape BG Japan and Scottish Mortgage here. Not a bad idea if you can pull it off but I would need to see the evidence first.

I do like the themes he’s discovered though, they just sound right to me.


Yeah I agree with you @steelman he has to walk-the-walk before I’ll invest.

There are similarities with the Henderson Global trust reviewed here too because that’s a new manager there too but the difference is the Henderson trust is on a handsome discount to cushion your blow.

The only thing I’d add is that Baillie Gifford funds tend to be better than average so he’s probably a safe pair of hands because it’s not just him you’re investing in there’s to deputy manager and all the research team and colleagues to share ideas with.

It’s good that Whichinvestmenttrust is reviewing funds like this that have a new manager though because it’s on your radar now and you know what you’re expecting from the guy, he just just needs to deliver a little bit of performance now.


Some very interesting stuff in this article like 30% or R&D from the region whereas on 19% of GDP. Makes you think that something’s bound to come of it at some point.

I wouldn’t invest in Pacific Horizon though until we see a bit more of how the new manager is going to perform but I’ve added it to my watch list, if just because he tells an interesting story here and I’d like to see if he can get it to work.