P2P Investment Trust to raise £200m in discounted issue


The Peer-to-Peer focused investment trust was one of the largest new launches in 2014 and has traded at a consistent premium will double in size if th
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I looked at this first time around and didn’t go for it, something I regretted.

I’m potentially interested again now, I like that the price is again 1000p but I need to know more information, maybe in the prospectus when it is available.

If WhichInvestmentTrust gets more information I would like to know or to see it?


There seems to be very little information anywhere so far @andre. I’ve looked in iii/ADVFN/Motley Fool as well as the P2P website.

I’m with you I missed it first time around and I’d be interested to find out more. I want to know what they’ll do with the money and if the new investors will still get access to the stakes the investment trust has an option to buy on.

The yield if great if it’s sustainable to some more information on the rates they’re lending at would be good and the level of competition both in this sector and with banks.


@Andre & @Steve, the prospectus for the original share issue can be downloaded from this web-page: http://www.p2pgi.com/Home/Documents That should provide some information that is likely to be of use initially.

I would expect the one for the C-share issue to be made available in the same location when it becomes available.

You could keep an eye on the RNS releases too: http://www.theaic.co.uk/companydata/CBFD7/announcements



Hi @Andre @Steve and @ArkWelder, I will be meeting with the management of P2P in the near future and report back to you here.

If anyone has any particular questions or points they wish me to raise please post it in this forum or message me.

I’ll note any points made here.




It’s a really unusual and interesting little fund. High charges though like most hedge funds and private equity.

Can you find out a bit more about how the managers are paid, how long term it is and what their personal stakes in P2PGI is and if they paid for them themselves.

And I’d echo @steve’s points about the sustainability of income, what new opps there are and competition.

I’m sure you’ll cover it well anyway this piece here if anyone hasn’t read it covers the trust when it launched pretty comprehensively…


I wonder who is buying this trust because there is very little information about it online. The best articles I’ve found are on this site. I found something on Motley Fool but it was from someone who uses this site discussing an article from here on there.

Maybe it’s institutions buying it and if it is it’s probably a good sign because they would do comprehensive due diligence before committing to it.

I’ll be interested to find out more.


The case for this at launch was pretty strong because they had gained access to the leading platforms in the peer-to-peer world in the UK, Continental Europe and the US on terms that earned them a higher rate of interest with lower fees than Joe Public is able to get.

They are looking to raise a lot of new money here so I would like to get a really good understanding of where the new money is to be vested and the opportunities there is for it.

I expect them to be good because despite what they say the banks are still not lending as freely as is required.

I look forward to the prospectus and a follow up article here.