Over two thousand per cent growth in 25 years at Lowland


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Since becoming manager in 1990, James Henderson has delivered almost three times the return of the index, achieved via a focus on income and growth investing across the whole market from the smallest companies to the largest. Fast Facts Focuses on delivering income and growth Invests mainly in the UK but across the market sectors…


The discount has come right back in this morning and it’s only -1.9% right now. If it were 6% I would have bought.

I’ve added it to my watch list instead. I have some cash in my portfolio but I’m sure another bout of volatility will happen again.


The power of compounding should be taught to our children in schools. Lowland is a great example of it.

He is a brave man that Mr Henderson judging by his stock choices - Glencore and Tesco, I expect he is too early with both but I’m sure he lays no clair to market timing abilities.

From a long term perspective this is a pretty good option all round in my view.


Yes @mammon he is early, repeatedly! It is his trademark almost. But the figures speak for themselves! This is a solid long-term hold, adding in downturns, like now.


I agree, it’s hard to time the market as we all know @mammon @james_pigott but it’s easier to know if you’re buying something when it’s cheap, though not so clear if it’ll get cheaper still.