Outlook 2015: Opportunities for a contrarian investor


Political uncertainty remains a concern but I expect there to be positive change in the banking sector and to find attractive investment ideas in smal
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I think the UK stock market could be in for a bit of a shock in 2015. We’ve got an election that’s probably going to see another coalition but maybe between the Tories and UKIP nutters, there’s a vote to leave the EU which would be disastrous, or maybe we’ll get a Labour government propped up by a toxic SNP.

Not the best time to be investing I think.


Tend to agree with you RonMac. I think we’ve seen the best for now but the trouble is there’s nowhere else you can park yer cash where it’s going to earn something.

Most of my money is at least earning a dividend in most of the funds I’m in. I’m leaving it there in the hope/expectation that any shock or downturn will be temporary.