Our Buy List


Originally published at: https://whichinvestmenttrust.com/trusts-we-like/

This is our personal list of favourite investment trusts that are on our buy list. It is important that you are aware that this is not and cannot be a recommendation for you to buy personally. We cannot comment on how suitable these recommendations might be for your personal circumstance. Your capacity for loss together…


Not a bad list, I reckon I am invested in about 15 of the trusts on the list.

Not sure about Standard Life Equity Income, I’ve just sold out as recent performance has been weak, and plenty of others in the sector.

Also not sure that listing all the available trusts in the Biotech & Healthcare sector makes sense - though in fairness they are all good performers.


I agree with the Healthcare/Biotech, but it really is difficult to choose between them all @scjim, so perhaps they have to select them all.

Overall, it seems a reasonably good selection.