Our Blog: An update on the website, our plans and our business


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WhichInvestmentTrust.com has continued to grow strongly, so that we now have over 50,000 visitors to our website each month, and several thousand members using our forums and receiving our newsletter. At the heart of what we do is a community we have worked hard to nurture. It is the community that drives the website. The…


Can I just confirm I am NOT the Donna in that photo, haha! Classic, I loved that. First you drew me in by saying we want more women then that photo of your women… made me chuckle!

I only found this site recently, and I come on it occasionally, when I remember. I liked that you were refreshingly honest I’m going to say there, including about how the mini websites pay your way. It’s also nice to know that Henderson don’t pressurise you to say good things about them because I think that’s what I would have suspected that they did. You should probably say this more though because it’s only in reading this article that I’m come across this statement. maybe you’ve said it elsewhere but I haven’t seen it.

Also I’d like the newsletter to come weekly because it’s often when I get that that I think, oh, year, lets check out the Which invest site, and read the comments.

My fav thing on the site is the Investor Clinic because the solutions people suggest are usually fantastic and I pick up tips from there.


I think that you’re doing a reasonably fine job and even managing to squeeze in a little bit of humour, such as having that charming phone of your lady readers below your plea for more lady readers.

I agree with @delorismm’s point about reiterating your independence, you can never do that enough and I hope that you do indeed stick to it because I’m not sure that I would stick around here for long if I suspected otherwise.

Welcome to @RichardOwen. I look forward to reading more of your articles.


I like this website, it provides me with wee titbits of ideas that I look at further.

It’s interesting what you said about the Henderson thing, I can’t remember the exact wording but you said something to the effect that you meat with them more because you do business with them. I owe 6 of their trusts and I wonder if that has influenced me a wee bit.

If it has it’s probably because I’m too lazy and have allowed it.

On another point I do think you should get some more portfolios to look at whether that’s yer own or somebody else’s.

I reckon if you’re gonna get readers to share their portfolios I’m voting for @arkwelder he stands out a wee bit here and he seems to ken his stuff as we say in my part of the world.


I think the little sites you have with Henderson are better than an ad. I find those pop up ads so incredibly annoying so I think you are on to something there and maybe others should copy them too.

The one thing i would like to see introduced to the site is data like Morningstar or Trustnet have. I’ve not been using this site for long, and I mostly use it for investment ideas and to look at what folks are saying on the forums but I think having data would be a useful add on.


I really like the software you use to power your forums, it’s 100 times better than Motley Fool’s, whose forums seem to be sadly dying.