One year on and not a lot has changed with the UK dividend payers list


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Last summer UK investors were nervous about the outcome of a Scottish Referendum and the General Election but were enjoying the benefits flowing from oil and iron ore both trading at over $100 a barrel and a tonne respectively. One year on political uncertainty has been eliminated but both those commodities are trading at half…


The trouble with banks is they keep defrauding their customers, the executives who do it get huge bonuses and then go off to pastures new, and the the Government comes in and slaps heavy fines which Joe and Johanna shareholder have to pay.

We just don’t know if the fines are at an end and dividends will grow from here or disappear in punitive fines and reparations.


That is a good summary. But we can’t live without the banks. If you can’t work for one then the next best thing is to own them and vote for proper corporate governance, i.e. pay structures that don’t reward risk takers.