On sale now - Market falls bring buying opportunities


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2016 has come with a bang for investors as the stock market underwent a bout of volatility, but conditions like this can be a friend to the investor hunting for bargains in the stock market January sale. Investor sentiment was setback by a serious of perhaps overblown worries about issues ranging from the slowing Chinese…


Loads of these shares are recovering already. You need to be really fast to catch some of these.


I find it hard to politely express my sentiments with regards to equating falling stockmarkets with discounted shop prices - and I know that this happens on sites other than WhIT.

Shops are trying to offload unwanted stock in order to stock something more saleable - now apply that to your reduced share price…


Oh you are so po faced @arkwelder , surely a lower price reflects shareholders desire to sell, to clear their stock so they can nab something else.

I think January sale is a little bit of an amusing title, not more than that, but a little bit amusing.


Nabbing cash…? :black_joker:


Looks like the sale is continuing. Personally, I’d love to see an even bigger sale because prices are still looking a little bit too deer for me.


Yeah I would like to see that happen too @jonno. I have around a fifth of my portfolio in cash waiting for an opportune moment to invest.

Emerging markets are beginning to look cheap though. I’m considering investing a little there.