Old Fools Welcome Here


Welcome fools old and new!


Hi all,

I am a former user of Motley Fool’s fantastic forums. Unfortunately they are shortly to close, so I asked the guys here if we can use these forums, to which they said yes.

Not only that, we can set up our own sections, have moderators and and largely control the forums ourselves.

If you are from Fool and want to join me and others here, please say hello! :slight_smile:


I didn’t know they were closing. I used to sue the Fool Boards but I haven’t sued them for ages because they were so old fashioned in their technology.

Still, it’s a shame they are closing, and such a surprise, I thought they were really popular.


It seems so stupid to me that they are closing, and we can’t even get the data.

Would it be possible to get the data from here if these forums ever closed @whichinvest ?


Yes it is. In fact it is very easy to export the data from here @derekw.


Do you use the Motley Fool Boards @whichinvest ?


No I don’t @derekw but I used to a couple of years ago. It is very sad that they are closing :frowning:

Any Fool is welcome here.


That is like beyond crazy that they’re closing it. So we’ve had Brexit, Fool boards closing and Now Trump, what is happing to this world man!

Get some for the cool dudes over from Fool guys, I have total respect for the great Luniversal and Munroman - total legends :rocket:


It’s a shock to most of the folk there @lukas They just sprung it on everyone way no warning.

There are a lot of really good, decent folk on there, who would really go the extra mile to help you out, so i hope they come over here, they would be terrific.


I am really surprised and a bit confused as to why Motley Fool decided to close their boards. I mean didn’t that bring a lot of customers to them?

I hope we see some more Fools coming here to these forums though some have gone to Lemonfool Boards, which has just been set up by former Fools.

Could @whichinvest import the Motley Fool boards? I ask because it looks like they’re going to delete after 3 months.


We have not been in contact with Motley Fool @buck.


Can I ask, in theory, if it were possible to import the boards, would you be willing to host them? @whichinvest


Yes we would be happy to host it, but I suspect the software they use is very old, and it might not be easy to do @buck.


Surely the Motley Fool will lose a lot of foot fall with this move. I wonder what their motives were? Where users of their forums really worth so little to them?


I used to use Motley Fool until a couple of years ago. it doesn’t surprise me that they’re ending their forums because they have totally neglected them for years. The software they use is ancient and date backs to the early days of man (1990s).

They used to be brill though, and I learned a lot using them back then so it’s sad to see them go.

Welcome to these forums though anyone new who has joined :slight_smile: