Not been able to log on for ages!


I have found it impossible to logon Which Investment Trust website for ages, was something up?

It was at least 5 days, maybe 6.

I thought you had closed down except you were still publishing articles.

My daughter has been using this website in Economics at her high school and they wanted to create a forum.


Glad to see you haven’t gone out of business loves but don’t kick me out again!


Yes I encountered the same issue @MumKnowsBest. I thought it was just I.

One thing I rather like about this site is that it encourages us guys who actually use it to get involved. I think it is wise therefore to make sure we can log on when we want to.


We are sorry if you weren’t able to logon. Unfortuantely we have had issues recently that were outwith our control.

Many members found it difficult or impossible to logon because our hosting company introduced over zealous security that blocked most attempts by members to logon.

The level of information we keep on our members is considered to be pretty low level, but nonetheless we encrypt username and email data (we cannot access member passwords), to ensure that if anyone does breach our security, they can’t do anything sinister with it because it’s indecipherable to them.

It has been resolved though it did take too long to be fixed. So long in fact that we are far down the road with plans to move to another hosting company.


I couldn’t log on either. Glad to see it’s back up.

I work designing websites, I’ve had similar problems too with 1and1 and Bluehost. I know how frustrating it can be because I have clients shouting down the phone at me as if it’s my fault. What makes it worse is the hosting companies always deny it’s there fault until you undertake the considerable time and cost to prove it.

It would be interesting to know who your hosting company is and who you are moving to?