No holds barred as Aberdeen answer your questions


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Singapore is one the most important investment centres for Aberdeen Asset Management, I travelled there recently to put our readers often challenging questions to Aberdeen’s senior Singapore based team. Fast links to questions: How might rising US interest rates will affect my Asian and emerging markets investments? How Asia is shaping up for an income…


They were admirably honest in their answers I though. Maybe deflected the one on costs but there was a reasonable explanation I suppose.

It wouldn’t make me go out and sell any of my Aberdeen funds and investment trusts but I don’t think I’m going to buy owt either right now. Still, that is a change in my opinion because I was thinking of selling.

I wouldn’t be impressed at them being taken over either or having an MBO for the Singapore bit of the business.


Well my badly worded question was answered very well indeed. Thank you to the WhichIT guys for tidying my question.

English is not my first language but that is no excuse. I was a bit exhausted when I wrote my question and it tells in my appalling grammar.

Thank you to the Aberdeen team if you speak to them again @whichinvest @dicem I think they answered everyone’s questions well, even the more difficult ones. @arkwelder’s question about a Singapore MBO made me giggle but they answered it really well and really honestly and you can’t expect more than that.


Very insightful and interesting, and long…glad you guys posted question links…I thought the Favia woman fund manager was very good.

She spoke about the American taper tantrum and how about how that badly affected sentiment and can be seen as a warning for what is to come, perhaps.

Also I like the tone they use. It doesn’t feel like a load of marketing Bo****ks (so to speak).

Why not get Favia on the video you’re doing with Hugh Younger - I’d like to hear more from her.


I think you mean Flavia @khalidkhan. I second your idea about getting her to appear in the video with Hugh Younger too (I don’t really know who he is to be honest). She’s impressive.

Interesting explanation about the merits of India versus China from an investors viewpoint. Not something you are likely to read about in the papers which makes it more interesting because of this.


Shock horror, fund manager is honest in an interview!

Well if anything if restores the faith a little. Also, Flavia comes across well, like to know a little bit more about her and her views. With Aberdeen it’s usually only Young or Bruce Stout, nice to see they’ve more talent.

I like New Dawn trust for Asia, I know it’s not been performing well recently but over the long run it’s been fab and I’m sure it will be again.


They don’t sound too optimistic for the short term but it’s nice to see they’re still positive for the longer term.

I still have Asian investments including 2 Aberdeen investment trusts and one from First State (or whatever they’re called these days) and I won’t bother selling them. I’m a long way from retiring yet and I’m sure they’re have recovered well before then, which is why Flavia’s comments are welcome.

It is interesting to contract her views with Mike Kerley from Henderson Far East income. He is a lot more optimistic on China especially, though he seems to like India too.


Flavia is down as manager on a number of Aberdeen funds and investment trusts in case no one has noticed. Just look on the Morningstar website.

I take my hat off to Her and Patrick Coley, they answered the questions honestly and some of them were really cheeky. Especially @arkwelder 's question about selling off Singapore, haha, I thought they would have deflected that one but they took it on.

You have a lot more respect for a fund manager who answers you straight rather than gives you a flouncy marketing department answer.