New manager at investment trust minnow comes up with innovative fee structure


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The long term manager of Aurora investment trust is retiring and handing over to a new management firm with a more impressive track record, who are intent on abolishing the annual management fee for this tidily little trust. James Barstow, the long term manager of Aurora Investment Trust (LON:ARR), announced he was intention to retire…


This is actually starting to look interesting for the first time ever. I really like the new charging structure and the new investment policy and aim.

It solves one of the previous managers problems of high costs running such a small fund. It still needs to get bigger but investing in this right now won’t disadvantage investors because of high costs, whilst the management will be highly incentivised to deliver.

If I were Which Investment Trust I’d add this to my buy list but as I’m not I’m adding t to mine instead!


I agree @berkely. I have never heard of this new investment firm but it looks like they have a respectable track record and the charging structure they’;re proposing is novel and brilliant.

I am minded to have a flutter on this.


I’m gonna follow you @pauls and invest in to this. I see the discount is only -1.5% now so it must be attracting other investors or given that it’s so wee maybe its the Phoenix guys buying shares.

I won’t be investing a lot, maybe £3-5k. But it seems worth a punt to me. They still need to make a success of it and then grow it larger for it to have a long term future.