New JPMorgan multi-asset trust falls seriously short of target


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Has the defection of the manager and a failure to target retail investors sabotaged the new trust launch and left it as Nobby-no-MATE’s? JPMorgan Asset Management (JPMAM) has launched a new multi-Asset trust, JPMorgan Multi-Asset Trust (LON:MATE), following a fundraising and rollover from an existing trust, but it has succeeded in raising far less that…


I didn’t know anything about this until I saw this article. Was it only for brokers? I guess so.

Not sure that I would have invested in it anyway, but there again I’m not sure I wouldn’t either. Don’t know enough about it.


If it is similar to Seneca Growth & Income then why take the risk of going with an unproven management team when Seneca actually do it pretty well, no?

I did know this trust was IPO’ing because my platform emailed me but there wasn’t any sort of analysis around ti whatsoever.

Can I ask why WhichInvestmentTrust didn’t so any research on this @RichardOwen ? Was it just something you didn’t think was of interest to your readers or was there some other reason for it?


@lukas I don’t believe we were given the opportunity to meet the management team at MATE so it wouldn’t have been appropriate for us to produce analysis without much to go on.


OIC. That makes sense. Oh well, either they didn’t want to aim the MATE trust to ordinary investors like us or they thought their would be enough demand from stockbrokers.

I probably wouldn’t have bought it anyway, but I got the Seneca trust for my Dad and my Aunt in their Drawdown and ISA accounts because it’s lower risk and pays a decent dividend. I just wondered how similar MATE might be.

P.S. Loved the Nobby-no-mates line Teehee :laughing:


I don’t buy that @Lukas @RichardOwen I’m sure J P Morgan would be happy to get investors for their new trust wherever they could. They needed them after all, it raised very little when you deduct the money that came from the previous trust.

I just read a report on it on Citywire from Gavin Lumsden. He is pretty scathing about this too…


@angieb I liked it when he wrote about Simon someone from JP Morgan “putting a brave face on it…”

I would have liked a bit more information on this so I could make my own mind up as to if it was right for me or not. I’m interested in the new Bailie Gifford (did I spell that right?) trust but I’m just waiting for more details.

It’s a shame J P Morgan didn’t do more to promote it.


I couldn’t get a way from the ads! Not keen on multi-asset anyway. More upset they failed to rollover JPI and M&G High Income earlier. Plus it is such a gross ticker :joy:. Can’t say I care much! Let’s wait for the performance results.