New green energy investment trust to float proffering a high dividend


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Boutique asset manager Gresham House is seeking to list a trust that will invest in battery farms to store renewable energy for use by the National Grid. Gresham House has become the latest in a growing line-up of asset management firms looking to launch new investment trusts. Their aim is to raise £200 million from…


There’s not really enough information available on this yet but it is more than slightly worrying that they are keeping shtum on the fees.

In the volatile market we’ve seen the past week, they might not raise much more than is promised from their cornerstone investors.


Battery storage technology is in its infancy- current storage capability- ie from solar panel/wind turbine to household is very poor.
New technology is changing all the time and lithium battery storage will soon become redundant.
This company will have to raise new money every year to invest in new technology/replace old technology which from an investment point of view is not great.



Thanks @David_M I’m interested in this one.


Good point @PAInvestor. Battery storage is essential though to make renewable energy a more realistic alternative to coal/oil/gas.

I suppose it depends on how expensive the battery technology Gresham invest in costs and how long it takes them to recoup their investment.


And now The Global Sustainability Trust from Stabadeen!