New Funding Circle Peer-to-peer trust to launch charging no fees


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The launch marks the first by an existing platform in to the fast growing P2P investment trust sector that has grown to have assets of over £1.2 billion in little more than a year. Peer-to-peer and alternative finance Investments Trusts P2P Global Investments (LON:P2PGI) was the first to market and to date has raised over…


GLI Alternative Finance looks the most interesting out of this bunch to me. The fees some of them have got away with charging is shocking - how on earth do they get away with it!

There isn’t enough info on this or in the FT article to form a view on the Funding Circle trust. Lie to know more though.


Ranger Direct looks like the best quality to me in terms of returns. If they raise a tranche of cash again I might be tempted to get involved.