New Forums?


What is happening with the new forums that are supposed to be coming here, does anyone know? @whichinvest

I had a look at them and I think they look great. Are you still planning on doing them or is it still some way off?

@arkvelder has done loads of testing on them. Not sure if he works for you guys but if he doesn’t he worth his weight as they say.


Hello @AndreaCz the new forums are coming though I can’t confirm when yet.

We are also launching a new website and the forums are waiting on this completing. Once the new site is launched a separate team will come in and set up the forums.

As for @arkwelder he has indeed been very very helpful, and he’s heavily influenced how the forums will eventually look, and he is certainly worth his weight in gold.

@DiceM might have a better idea of when we might be launching.


@AndreaCz @WhichInvest I can only confirm we’re launching ‘soon’.

The website is around 95% done, if we can we’ll soft launch it this Weekend (this just means we’ll launch it quietly, without fanfare so we can finish it off on our own servers). I will know more about this tomorrow and I’ll post in this forum as soon as I know.

As for @arkwelder he was an amazing help as he is for people using this website. He often helps people with their investment problems/challenges, as do a number of other kind souls on here.


So who is behind @whichinvest ? I thought it would have been @dicem


Yes that is a little confusing I suppose @AndreaCz - Sometimes it is me, I can access that account too but tonight it is Rob who runs the back end of the website.


I can’t wait to see the new website @DiceM, I love the forums, but using them in the real world will be really interesting. They have a number of cool features.


They are so much nicer than the forums which I use.

I’m excited to see the new website though I like the current site so I hope it’s at least as good as this one.


The website is very slow today jhas this got something to do with the changes you are making @whichinvestment


@whichinvest ??


Hi @Casper it should be okay now. Just a temporary problem.


The forums are back, hurrah!

Thought they’d gone for good - they were missing for ages.

Nice to see them back and looking much better than they did before.


Hi @citygirl I’ve just found them too. I love how easy it is to type someone’s name, that’s pretty neat.

Still getting used to them though. It would be good if they appeared in the articles like they used to. Any chance of something like that happening @whichinvest ?


Hi @jonno, yes they will be coming back.

Please bear with us while we role out our new forums and new website over the next few days.


My photo has gone from my profile. How do I get it back?


Did you not get an answer to how to do this?

If you didn’t, you can do it on your profile, just click through to it and you can do it there.


Yes I did get a reply thanks @anthonys. I’d emailed @whichinvest on something else at the same time and they told me what to do. It’s still a must get round to though.

I am very impressed about I received a notification that you’d responded to me post. As I was already logged on I got a pop-up little box alerting me. Neat :smile:


I think these forums look awesome. I only ever visited the old ones once and hated them to be frank but these look amazing, such an improvement and I can’t really think of any other website that has forums that do so much. Still learning them though, that’s the only proviso I’d offer but defo gonna be playing around with them over the next few days.