New digital radio station launches for investors


Shares Radio is backed by online Stockbroker The Share Centre and aims to broadcast 15 hours per day of live programming on topics from household fina
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Interesting concept. I’ve got it on now.

I wonder if they’ll cover investment trusts or just shares because they’re a stockbroker.


It’s not too bad, I’ve been listening to it this afternoon, on and off. It’s more interesting and entertaining than I expected.

Not heard any mention of investment trusts yet @stromer.

Maybe WhichInvestmentTrust should get in touch with them and do a bit of Djing. They play folk music when they stop broadcasting about investing. I read in the About Me section on here that the guy who started this website is in to house music. Wonder if he likes a bit of folk too :slight_smile:



I have it on now, it seems quite nice, I hope I win the radio, that would be even nicer.

I don’t really hear anything about investing yet though, it is more about news and weather and consumer issues.

It looks like to me the Weekend shows may be more interesting because they look like they’re more about investment.

I hope they cover investment trusts and funds and not just shares.


I’ve got it on now but it’s a technology show where you can’t see the technology they’re talking about.

I’ve give it a go over the Weekend but I think it’s a good idea but I hope they cover trusts/funds too.