Neil Woodford to launch an Investment Trust


The former manager of Edinburgh Investment Trust is to launch a specialist trust investing in the biotechnology sector in the UK and elsewhere for his
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BB Biotech has some great numbers there and the high dividend to boot but I’d never heard of it. Shame it doesn’t have a London listing.

The Woodford launch sounds interesting though.


It will be interesting to see how concentrated the number of holdings will be.



I wouldn’t be surprised if he bid for another investment trust contract with an income focus. I used to have Perpetual High Income and switched to Edinburgh when he took it over because it had lower fees.

There will be loads of interest in this when he launches, I’m sure he’ll easily raise £200 million. Hope he makes it easy for small shareholders like us to get in and not divvy it all up with financial institutions and big Wealth managers.



I’m intrigued as to why on earth he wants to launch a fund full of unlisted biotech companies. Does he really have enough time to value companies like these that will have little to none research.

There are specialist companies that invest in this sector like WorldWide healthcare and BB Biotech and they have a lot of resources such as qualified doctor’s and scientists who can more properly evaluate how the companies might do. After all, most of these Biotech concerns either go bust or their drugs fail to gain approval.

Just because you have a talent in picking income shares doesn’t qualify you as a doctor/scientist Mr Woodford.


Could this new launch when Biotech has already been riding so high be a sign that we’re at/near the top of the market?


Perhaps you’re right @David, though I note that he’s going to be investing in unlisted as well as listed biotech so maybe it’s going to be more similar to private equity style investing.

Guess we’ll have to wait to find out.