Need inflation busting income? These trusts doubled over 20yrs with high dividend growth


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New research that looks at the performance of investment trusts in the equity income sector, over a twenty year time frame which included the Dotcom crash, and the recent global financial crisis, has produced some startling results that might make you sleep easier and worry less at night. Research undertaken by the AIC (Association of…


Fascinating article, it also highlights the amazing power of compounding interest, the 8th wonder of the world is that they call it?

20 years is a long time but if you’re retiring in your early 60’s or maybe slowing down, working part time, and this is what I plan to do when I get there (which is not as long off as I’d like), you would still have some income from you’re employment (I’m planning on doing 2-3 days per week), topped up by your investments, and as you age, the state pension would kick in, mortgage paid off, and the income from your investments as illustrated in the article will keep rising, not only ahead of inflation, but it’s actually a proper pay rise too.

I’m really, really thankful that you published this article because it is helpful not only to me but I think this way of investing could be just the answer fro many, many people.