Need ideas for what to buy for my ISA please


I am pretty new to investment trusts. I only bought my first two Ranger and Woodford this year.

I have Cash ISAs that I now want to invest in investment trusts. Also I want to save £500 per month in to my ISA. I was thinking I might wait and every two or maybe three months I’d invest it in to a trust to save on the buying cost. I was thinking of doing it with ATS, the Alliance Trust platform. They charge £12.50 to buy a new trust.

Love to get some feedback and advice from you guys :smiley_cat:


Is this for a long term investment @galestone ?

How do you feel about risk? Where would you place yourself on a scale of 1-1- if 1 is no risk and 10 is high risk?

Are you investing for a particular purpose, saving for something?


Oh, I had to ponder on those questions @alexbarr.

I think I’d go for 6-7 in terms of risk.

I’m investing for more than one thing. I have young kids, 3 of them and I hope to help them with Uni fees when they get older. Also, I only work part time now but my husband is full time. I see this as helping our pension think when I retire but that wont be for 30-40 years away.

Can’t say I won’t dip in to it at some point though :dolphin:


If you can invest for the long term put some in Biotech, and tech funds or trusts and some in EM.

I like Witan and BACIT. Witan is a cheap multi manager with good performance. See the review on here or on Citywire. Bacit donates 1% to cancer charities but doesn’t charge a management fee. It’s got amazing managers doing it for free for the benefit of charity. Many of the managers aren’t available to ordinary investors like you and me.


For your regular savings have you considered an investment trust savings plan from Aberdeen/Baillie Gifford/Witan?

I mention because they are incredibly cheap and by saving regularly you get the benefit of something called pound-cost-averaging. This is where you smooth out the volatility in the market by buying high and low on a month to month basis, therefore benefiting from a more stable overall price.


I’d buy these: Finsbury Growth and Income Trust FGT, Law Debenture Trust LWDB, Murray International Trust MYI. FGT is a UK trust run by Nick Train, a manager with a superb track record; LWDB is classed as global (but is 70%ish UK) and is more income-focused; MYI is truly international and has a lot in emerging markets. The latter hasn’t done very well these past few years but the long-term record is very good. I hold all 3.

Pauls’ advice above is very good - look at the Baillie Gifford and Aberdeen saving schemes, they are very economical for regular monthly purchases of their trusts.


That’s pretty good advice you’ve received. I agree with both @pauls and @rogerdecrecy.

I forgot about Law Debenture but it is a good trust. Finsbury Growth and Income I won and it has been a great performer for a very long time.

You don’t say how much your lump some is. Be interested to know because it’ll limit how many different trusts you should buy.


I’m fairly new to investment trusts but the one that introduced me to them was Scottish Mortgage. It’s a big global trust which invests a lot in technology, a lot in the USA|.

It wont let me upload because I’m a new user but here a link to stats on AIC:


Gosh thanks for all the replies and helpful suggestions.
@pauls I will take a look at the savings plans, they’re new to me.

@rogerdecrecy Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll take a look at them though I’ve had a look at Finsbury already and it looks great.

@rocco I have £17,000 from Cash ISAs to invest. Thanks for the Scottish Mortgage suggestion, it looks good and it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with mortgages. :tulip:


I’ve just been skim reading the Montanaro European article. They make quite a convincing case for it…


Going for both Ranger and Woodford for first investments does look like a bit of a leap of faith. They’re the kind of investment that I’d look to hold as smaller proportions of a larger established portfolio. But they’re there now! And the Ranger fund is probably more suited to an income requirement rather than growth with most - if not all - of their return being in the form of income with little or no scope for asset growth.

Howver, with £500 per month being invested in any of the other trusts mentioned by the other posters then those two should become more balanced.


Thanks all. I am still looking at the investment trust plans/saving schemes.

I like the Finsbury Growth Trust and I like Witan and Bacit too.

Decisions, decisions. I will report back when I know what I’m doing.

@arkwelder I bought Ranger because of the dividend. It’s so high (hopefully). I compared it to my Cash ISA (I know I’m not supposed to do that but hey).

Although I’m new to investment trusts I have owned investment funds before.

Enjoying my journey so far :grinning:


They are pretty good suggestions. I like posts like this because I can steal away ideas form guys who have the time to do some research :smiley: