More of the same please for the Investment Trust Top 20


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The February chart revealed little had changed with investors, with only a few new entries and exits perhaps reflecting the enduring volatile conditions inherited from the previous month. The February Investment Trust chart is taken from search data on the AIC website (Association of Investment Trusts), which is the investment trust trade body. The top…


Does anyone actually know why Murray international is not doing so well? I get that their style is out of fashion but what are they doing in the meantime and when do they think it will come back in to fashion?


No one really know is the real answer @andre but its not just them who have been doing badly, almost all funds with a value bias have been performing poorly for the past few years because the market 'aint interested in value.

I have read predictions that value investing is about to come back in to vogue as stock markets become more normal. What I do think is that if you have a really long term investment horizon, an investment in Murray international will serve you well.