More of the same for the April Investment Trust Top 20


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The number one position is taken by Murray International, which has had a tough couple of years as their ‘Value at a Scottish price’ investment style has fallen out of favour, as growth stocks have reigned supreme. Many analysts and commentators sense a change however, with the ‘value’ investment style, which is famously favoured by…


I really regret selling Murray International but you know what, they really went quiet for a while there and it that that unnerved me, not the poor performance which I kind of understood.
When a fund is under performing that is when the managers need to get out there talking to us investors, talking to the press, talking to the analysts.

I get a bit freaked when it all gets a bit too quiet.


I think maybe the reason they don’t go out talking to the media then is that all they can say is you have to be patient, we are not going to change our investment style.

I am glad that he hasn’t changed his style, he is a good manager.