Mobius: EM is out of favour & cheap which is the best time to buy



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The soon to launch Mobius Investment Trust is changing the rules of the emerging markets game in how they plan to operate the the trust. Mobius Investment Trust plc (LON:MMIT), founded by three colleagues from Franklin Templeton who between them managed Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust and the Romanian Fondul fund, is to list on…


There are so many new investment trusts launching, what to go for.

I am going for AVI Japanese Opportunity, but this looks interesting too.

I like the fact that they’ve invested their own money and the strategy makes sense to me if they can pull it off.

Of course I could always wait until it lists before deciding. Much to think about.


I think this sounds like it might be good but I think I prefer to wait until it is on the stock exchange because I don’t think I need to be in any rush to invest more in to emerging markets.

The idea to invest in a concentrated number of holdings that they properly engage with I really do like so I will watch it once it lists.


Both @matts and @xaivercatalan seem fairly keen on the Mobius trust but you’re not willing to invest at the IPO. If everyone who like it does the same thing it won’t float.


I agree with you @jonno If you like it go for it because otherwise it might not happen.


Only got half the book. Must find out why… My suspicion is timing ( in that Institutional investors just can’t get sign off for EM) or Mobius is out of touch or lost his touch maybe. More later.


It’s a mixture of why pay at par when other EM trusts have big discounts, plus Mobius has definately lost followers since stepping down from Templeton Emerging.


Yeah that’s true, I hadn’t thought of that. He’s lucky to have raised £100 million in that case @james_pigott.