Miton to launch new Micro Cap trust for Gervais Williams


Williams has trumpeted the micro-cap theme in a recent book and through frequent conference appearances and hopes to raise up to £100 million. Miton p
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In any article I’ve read about Gervais Williams he always goes on about micro companies for his Diverse Income investment trust and the CF Miton UK Smaller Companies fund despite the fact that there is a lot more in both of those than micro companies.

It’s about time he launched a pure blood mico companies fund and my initial thoughts are I’m pretty interested though I want to know more about where he’s going invest, the charges etc.


Thought I’d already replied to this, perhaps there are gremlins in these forums.

He does emphasise about smaller or micro companies anytime he can, I’m not at all sure that he’s right but I do know he has a good track record both at Miton and Gartmore and I’m inclined to go with him at least a little.

We need more information on this before anyone can decide if it’s right for them though. Hopefully that will be forthcoming and WhichInvestmentTrust and others will share it with us.



This looks like something I’d get involved with. Need a few details though like how much the charges are etc. Can’t the people who run this site get them? Surely I’m not the only person wanting to know?



I had CF Miton UK Smaller Companies but sold out too early. Didn’t know he did investment trusts too and I wonder why he did not name Diverse Income as Miton Diverse Income. People like me who only invest a little in investment trusts, who are new to them might have found it easier to know it was Miton managed.

What do people think about getting involved with a new investment trust when it IPO’s? Is it better to hold back and invest a little later or to get in from the start.

Just thinking about the discount thing and wondering if I should be bothered by it.


If you are an investor rather than a trader @paulo I wouldn’t worry too much about discounts.

I think you might find that it’s common for investment trusts to run a discount after ipo’ing though this doesn’t always happen. Gabelli are on a premium months after their IPO (or so I’ve read).

We need more info before deciding to invest in this as others have said but if you want to invest for the long term, forget about discounts and attempting to time the market (which is difficult anyway) and invest. Also, often initial fees/charges are waved on IPO’s.


I’d agree with @smithy101 on this @paulo, you’re buying this to hold for years no? If so do you want to hold back and try and time the market? If you’re particularly good at this then go ahead mate, I’m useless at it and whenever I’ve tried I just miss out.

I do try every now and then though no longer with investment trusts, just with shares. I tried to buy BG Group but held off for a better price, then a better price came along and I missed it but thought I’d hold on again in case it went down again and now I’m too late (again) Shell has bid for it.

This launch interests me too but I’m waiting for more info before I make up my mind.

What about doing one of those question and answers things you did with Woodford @whichinvest ?