Miliband more likely to be next Prime Minister according to the betting public


With just days until the general election, betting clients of IG Index predict there is a 60% chance of Ed Miliband becoming the next Prime Minister.
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This is an election that almost nobody seems to be looking forward to because of the expected resulting multi-party coalition nonsense.

Although I would always prefer a Conservative Government, I can’t deny that the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition was actually a very good and stable Government that got a lot done.

I would be loathe to see a Coalition or some sort of Government by arrangement that involved the SNP however because they’re rhetoric at least is far left old school Socialist.

I wouldn’t want UKIP either because of their stance on immigration though I’ve sympathies with their position on the EU.

Let’s hope we manage to avoid a dreadful Socialist Government that’ll ruin the progress we’ve made these past five years.


Nobody seems to be excited about this election, everyone I speak to is dreading it or is totally bored with it.

I’m not strongly attached to any political party but I think the Tories and the Lib Dems have done alright by the country so I’m voting Lib Dem. I have a Labour MP at present who will probably win but I’m really not keen on Ed Miliband so it’s got to be Liberal Democrat for me.


How wrong this article turned out to be, fortunately.

I for one am extremely pleased not to see that berk Miliband as our new PM.