Messenger & Analyst Newsletter


I really enjoyed the newsletter guys, it bought to my attention stuff I had missed. My favourite was the 20 yr inflation busting income article because it reminds people of the obvious things they miss. I especially mean men who are too often worrying about getting out of investments or trying to catch the latest hot tip.

I invest long term, I work in the investment industry, controlled by men, and I’m on the receiving end of all this pressure to ultimately be short term. It bumps up costs massively because trading costs detract from performance a lot, something a lot of investors aren’t aware of. Buy and hold investors on the other hand benefit from compound interest - the guys trading all the time don’t get this.

Loved the Edinburgh Worldwide review too. Very in-depth and well described.


@citygirl Long-term hold is the only way! Make sure they are really the best, truly diverse, and you get paid for holding it (divis).