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Test to @smithy101 Please confirm if you have received an email Sam?


Can you do that again because there’s a setting that supresses emails if I’m on the site unless I tick a box which I’ve now done @whichinvest


Try this one @smithy101


Nothing as yet. Not sure if there should be more of a delay @whichinvest


Test to @whichinvest


@smithy101 would you please go to your profile on the forums and check that your email is correct?


I’ve just received an email with all of the posts in this conversation so maybe it’s just really slow @whichinvest


Do the emails have to contain all posts in the thread? Or can this be changed to just sending the relevant post where an individual is referenced or replied to? If someone is referenced several times in a thread then they are going to be receiving rather a lot of unecessary data, especially if they have already read it. And they will still have the option to visit the site to read the whole or the thread if they want.


We’re still learning ourselves here @arkwelder but in our trials email notifications are taking a little while to come through. In part this is to allow people to edit mistakes in their posts.

At the present how you are notified is dictated by the settings you select in your profile. This is causing problems though because many members are unsure of how to set it up so we hope to change the default settings later today. Unfortunately this will override any settings you currently have.

You have the option of being notified when you are mentioned. Is this perhaps what you are referring to? The setting is under ‘preferences’ in your profile.


I received one email with all the posts @arkwelder I was mentioned in this thread but I have to say I’m impressed by how it’s presented because it just looks attractive and easy to read. It wasn’t annoying that I received them all in one email and in any case I was only notified about the posts I was mentioned in.

I changed my settings under preferences.


I have set my preferences up to receive eail notifications and I have received one from another thread where I was mentioned, but that has sent through the whole thread rather than just the single post - as the old forum used to. The whole thread might not be so bad on the first mention, but get mentioned a couple of times and the whole thread will be sent each time.

If just the relevant post could be sent then the email would be more concise, especially if a thread does grow to be large.


Okay thanks @arkwelder. If we can incorporate that feature we will.

I’m looking in to it right now.


Must say, I love the look and feel of these new forums though they are so different from anything else I’ve seen they are going to take a bit of getting used to.

Can I suggest you set up a forum for people to ask questions about using the forums? I would find it interesting and useful because I might be able to pick up some tips.

I think you have probably developed the best looking forums I’ve seen anywhere. Much better than the Discuss system the Telegraph use, or the Fool forums but I think people need some help learning how to make best use of it and I’d prefer to get that from the people who use it.


Thanks, we’re glad you like the new forums @wickedinvestor

Happy to create the forum you suggest but are you aware that you can create new topics yourself?


I’m not getting what you describe. I just get an email with the comment someone has responded to.

I like the look and feel of these forums though it would be good if they were cross platform like Disqus so you could comment on many different website with the same account.


No i get what @arkwelder is saying @anthonys. I’ll get an email of this convo listing all comments and not just replies.

Not sure if they can do much about it though @whichinvest ?


No we can’t do much about it immediately @citygirl but it has been added to our future developments pipeline which means it will take some time until it’s done.



That’s ok, we can wait :monkey_face:



I don’t see what the issue is. I like how the email looks, it’s a wee bit easier to read than the messages i get from like Motley Fool, Daily telegraph, Scotsman forums etc.

I think the these forums are light years ahead of anything else I’ve seen in terms of the technology but they’re no as busy as some other forums. Nicer folk on here though, you don’t see so much of the angry wee men mob and there’s more lassies which is nice and it’s probably a reason why there’s no so many angry wee men.