May burying head in sand with energy and housing policies claims Adam Smith Institute


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The right leaning policy think tank believes the Prime Minister’s main policy pronouncements in her conference speech are ill thought out and will ultimately fail. At the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester the Prime Minister said she wanted to defend and explain the benefits of the free market. Sam Dumitriu, a research economist at…


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with preventing energy companies form ripping consumers off. There id already a free and open market but the level of competition Adam Smith Institute desire hasn’t materialised.

I support Theresa May on this one, though she has lost the plot on housing.


How many readers can name more than three compare the market uswitch money supermarket save you £ if change your energy supplier? How many readers have bothered to look and see if they can get a better deal from another supplier? If you have an electricity bill, and gas or oil, and you have not bothered to have a look and see if you can get a better price for what you use, why should the govt. interfere in your life for you.? Mrs May gets no approval from me with this shortsighted plan , regulation is essential, but this sort of micro management is unnecessary. Help people who can’t help themselves, not those that can’t be bothered.
We shall hear a lot about "Housing " this week. (20 +Nov) Does anyone want to bet that there will be no mention of tax relief on foreign ownership of UK property.?
Why not tax foreign owners of British property.? “Oh but they do pay tax.” Believe me, they pay less than a British resident individual or company. Foreign investment is good for Britain.
True ? or not ? Billions of £ so called investment in British property has made life very expensive for British people. I’m not against foreigners doing whatever they want in their own state. (How much does Mugabe have “invested” in Britain?) And if a Londoner wants to move to Dorset and retire on the profits of his house sale, this makes the Dorset seller better off. My reasoning is, that we should tax foreigners more than we tax British, but a British company, registered abroad can own property in Britain, almost tax free. Is this a Good policy? I know a Phillipino nanny. The family she works for gives her £70 per week. They spend more than £!00,000 on clothing, even more on “entertaining”. Surely they could afford to pay more tax.?
Age 64, tax allowance £11,500. Age 65 tax allowance £3,500
Non UK resident, tax allowance - more than …