Mark Mobius quits the helm of Templeton Emerging Markets after 26 years


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The legendary emerging markets manager will remain a part of the team but is stepping down as lead manager of the £1.6 billion trust. Dr. Mark Mobius has managed Templeton Emerging Markets investment trust (LON:TEMIT) since it was founded in Edinburgh 26 years ago. But at the age of 78, he has decided to hand…


Not so long ago that Temit was the most feted investment trust on the planet and Mobius the sage of all EM.

Let’s hope his successor improves things a little bit because I can’t believe that Mobius has suddenly lost his all impressive midas touch.


What does everyone else use to invest in emerging markets or does no one like them?

My Dad always told me that the emerging markets were a good place for me to invest for the long term. He was a pretty good investor.

Could it be that emerg marks are just going through a bad patch?


Well your father is most probably right @twinkle, but it all depends upon the time horizon he set.

I am assuming you are pretty young, and if so and if you have a long term investment horizon and just want to invest some money ad go way and forget about it then it might be a good option for you to invest in Temit or something like it.


FEET is my preferred option for EM though I wouldn’t buy it on a premium (I got in at launch).

Genesis is new to me but looking at the stats on AIC it’s none too shabby. One to consider for approaching EM differently to FEET.


From a long term perspective having something in the vast parts of the world that make up EM is very sensible.

I’m not sure I’d choose TEMIT right now, not until I’ve seen how the new manager performs.

Perhaps Genesis, JP Morgan or Fundsmith would be a better option for now.