Management team unexpectedly depart from Threadneedle UK Select


Having won the investment mandate only in 2012, Simon Brazier, together with four team members are to depart to Investec, leaving the Board to conside
[See the full post at: Management team unexpectedly depart from Threadneedle UK Select]


This has been on my watchlist, glad I didn’t invest now.


Still, if the trust follows him I might still consider it, too risky for now though.


Lucky for you @Wickedinvestor I bought this in February because of the manager.

Not sure if I should hold it or sell it now.


Look the price is only going to weaken during this period of uncertainty. If you have a holding already you are best to hold it until the board announce their intention.

Like the article implies, they are likely to go with the manager, why would they stay with Threadneedle.


I would hold on until the board make their decision. They will probally follow the manager but even if they don’t it will because they think they’ve found something better, which may be interesting.