Make mine a double: doctors double your estimated alcohol intake


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‘The alcohol multiplier’ – doctors double the number of alcohol units patients say they consume to get a more accurate figure for their alcohol consumption New research has revealed that doctors apply an ‘alcohol multiplier’ when asking patients about their drinking habits, doubling the average amount of alcohol patients say they drink, to get a…


Oh dear, note to self. next time the GP enquiries after my alcohol intake, tell her it’s half the of what I normally tell her. So, that’s 3 bottles of wine a week and one dram of whisky.


Ha, yip, same here @Vinnie. Just 2 beers and 2 whiskies a week doctor, honest! :joy::wink::face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes:


This is quite hilarious, but it doesn’t surprise me. I always expect a telling off when my doctor asks me about my alcohol intake, and despite the fact that I’m quite happy with my level of drinking, I don’t think I drink too much, I always instinctively tell her I drink less than i do.

Never admitted to this before but it is true. Ha! :roll_eyes::rofl::grin:


Whatever you tell the doctor just end it with “but that’s ok because that doesn’t include the weekends”! :crazy_face: