Lowland Investment Company


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What is Lowland Investment Company? The Company aims to give shareholders a higher than average return with growth of both capital and income over the medium to long term through a broad spread of predominantly UK companies. The company will invest in all sizes of companies, with no more than half by value coming from…


While hopefully there are a few more miles on James Henderson’s fund management clock, now aged 56 he has been around for quite some time. I don’t know about Lowland, but as far as Law Debenture is concerned, a trust James Henderson has run for a near as long as Lowland, questions have been asked by the board as to likely continuity issues.

It is my understanding James Henderson has already got someone lined up to step into his shoes when the time comes. Some 18 months ago he picked his likely successor out of Henderson’s in-house graduate scheme and is schooling his pupil in his particular ways that have proved successful over the years. Meet Laura Foll at …