Love the videos


Bit of feedback for you, I love the videos, I watched the first two (I am at work), he does good telly, comes across a little bit more forthright than most fund managers.

I like that this doesn’t feel too pushy, unlike most financial adverts (this might not be quite an advert but it’s something similar). I always feel financial adverts should be about providing information in an as interesting way as possible because I’ll make my own mind up.

I’ve not had the time to look at the other pages or mini-sites (?) but I like this one.


Yeah the videos are good but in large part that’s down to the fact that John Bennett interviews extremely well. He’s like a down to earth straight forward Scottish guy. There was research a few years ago about the Scottish accent being more trust worthy (wonder if that would still stand after they wanted to leave us!).

You need to be careful not to rule out a manager just because he doesn’t do good telly as you put it @citygirl.

I have looked at three of these mini websites and I like them but it occurred to me when I was looking at them that the content seems at least similar to the type of media etc you find on the Henderson website and all the other fund managers but for some reason it feels more believable seeing the content put together on here.

This might just be me but I wonder if at a sub concious level I don’t trust it when I read it on the fund manager’s websites, but hey, maybe I’m just a big bad cynic.


I like them too, if you like this one @citygirl you should have a look at Lowland and the James Henderson video, he does ‘good telly’ too.

Far East Income I liked too, it seems like such a good idea, performance has been good and the manager makes a good case for focusing on dividends to invest in Asia, much like Buffet or Templeton.

On the page that’s set up for ‘Henderson investment trusts’ there is a corporate video you’d need to be really bored to ever watch, it’s dreary, I’d get rid of that and keep the other two. One of them I cant figure out what it’s about, there’s a question asked, I think it might be what is your favourite thing??? - It did keep my interest though.


I’m not clear on what it is exactly that you want feedback on here Whichinvestmenttrust? If it is on are these better than straight forward advertisements then yes I think they probably are but that doesn’t mean I will necessarily take more notice of them.

I don’t think I would look at the videos unless I specifically wanted to invest in a particular trust. I looked at Henderson European trust and Far East income but only because they were being recommended by people here in this forum.

One thing I did like was the inclusion of information on the Board because these guys are actually quite important but there is rarely much information provided on them. Also, the article on the Smart Car is insightful, and an interesting investment theme perhaps that will develop over the next few years or more.