LibDem pension supremo Steve Webb to join Scottish Life group


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Steve Webb the much lauded former pension minister in the Coalition government is set to have a prominent role in one of the country’s biggest pension providers. Steve Webb, the former pension’s minister, who lost his seat along with 49 other Liberal Democrat MP’s is set to join Royal London, the parent of Scottish Life,…


I heard him speak once when he was a minister and I thought he was a very nice man but also someone doing a really good job and that’s unusual for a politician.

I’m not a LibDem supporter but I thought it was such a shame and an unfairness that so many of them lost their seats.


The changes the Coalition Gov made to annuities was inspired in my view. Webb did a great job.

I voted Conservative at the election as I often, though not always do but I really was shocked at how badly the Lib Dems did because I do believe that they did indeed sacrifice their long term prospects for the greater good of the country. Cynics say they were power hungry, or that Clegg was at least but I don’t believe so, I think they saw what a mess the country was in in 2010 and did what they thought was the right thing to do so it was shocking to see the electorate punish them so much.

I hope they regain some of the seats they lost next time.