Last call for Henderson Diversified Income share offer


Investors only have a few days remaining to apply for shares in this fixed income investment company that’s on our Buy-List of preferred trusts. We ha
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One thing you can be sure of is interest rates are going up and as soon as the market suspects it bonds will be hit.

Anyone investing in the more “normal” bond funds that can’t invest in these senior secure loans are idiots in my opinion.

If you want bonds, dont be a div.

I also like Twenty Four income fund.


In the video it states it sits well with other bond funds. I have M&G bond fund investments, which have done very well over the years though not as well very recently.

Senior secure loans are something new to me. Yes I’ve read some of the other articles that do explain it well (a lot to read though).

I’m not sure if I have time enough to act but if i can get it though Hargreaves I’m minded to invest in this.

I do believe interest rates will rise and I know these things can happen to fast to react to and think this trust could very well prove to be even more popular in the event of rising rates.


The yield is impressive, no in fact bloody amazing. I’m getting 1% from Barclays for my ISA>

If anyone is like me and didnt understand these types of investments very well read some of the older articles on this trust, links at the bottom of the article.

They’re long but make it easier to understand (I read them at breakfast this morning).

Me and my wife are going to invest. I love that when interest rates go up senior loans rates go up too. And if the borrower defaults they’ve got first call on the debts.
And…it’s paying a high rate of interest.

The only real risk I see is the share price going down, but that’s not likely whilst everyone is trying to find decent rates.

These are the ones I read this morning…


You can get this through Hargreaves @Malcolm I’m with them too.

This trust is fresh (and yea I have just been watching

This is perfect for my Mum, she loved, loved, loved the interest. I spent ages explaining it to her. Still not quite sure she got it but she liked the rate of interest (dividend) and the sensitivity to interest rates, which always worry her.

I didn’t go for it because I’m kind of higher risk but got pangs of doubt now.