L&G launches ‘girl fund’ to promote better and more diverse Boards


Originally published at: https://whichinvestmenttrust.com/lg-launches-girl-fund-to-promote-better-and-more-diverse-boards/

It is hoped the launch will spur copycat imitators and spread to the investment trust industry. L&G is investing £50 million of its own money to set up a fund that will invest in UK companies who achieve its minimum score on gender diversity targets. Dame Helena Morrissey, a veteran fund manager and Head of…


I like this, I think it’s a great idea and I hope it works.


Same here. The city is still such a misogynist and male dominated space. When you compare it to law or accountancy, or even medicine, all areas as challenging as fund management but which have a lot of women at all levels. it just doens’t make sense to me that there are so few women fund mangers.

I really hope this initiative kick starts change.


@citygirl Sooo late to this one, but I thought I would add that the generic traits of women vs men make women better investors generally speaking of course. Strangely less alpha begets more alpha!! :smile:


I liked that @james_pigott that made me :joy::grin::rofl:


:grinning::joy::grin::rofl: Very good @james_pigott

There are a few women on these forums whereas on other forums I’ve used in the past it was almost all men using them. I’m not sure why there are a number of girls on here but it is nice to see.


Thanks @james_pigott :grinning::joy::rofl: