Jupiter says so long farewell, as it closes its investment trust saving scheme


Originally published at: http://whichinvestmenttrust.com/jupiter-says-so-long-farewell-as-it-closes-its-investment-trust-saving-scheme/
Jupiter is transferring 5,000 clients to Hargreaves Lansdown, to become the latest manager to wind down their scheme. Jupiter is transferring assets worth £60m to Hargreaves at the end of November, and follows JPMorgan who is in the process of transferring ISA and SIPP assets to Hargreaves too, and Standard Life who transferred their scheme…


They can be very good value but the big disadvantage for me is it’s a pain to switch in to a trust managed by another manager.

It doesn’t look like the Jupiter scheme was as cheap as you can get from Baillie Gifford/Aberdeen/Witan.

Also, Jupiter have very few trusts and as the article states they don’t invest much in their investment trust business.