JP Morgan’s Austin Forey shares his 8 rules for Emerging Markets investing


Austin Forey, manager of JPMorgan Emerging Markets Investment Trust, has eight rules he’s honed through 20 years of experience investing across global
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It is really interesting to read Austin’s rules for Emerging Markets but of course for most of us, I bet all on here we would never invest in shares direct. You’d be an idiot to in my opinion because of trying to manage the currencies and keep up with the news in English for us is much more difficult than it is for JP Morgan.

I’ve seen a few articles recently in the press about people beginning to invest in EM again. I wonder if this article is timely.


Very sensible steps but I bet they’re hard to always stick to. A number of these points are hard to achieve. I’ve been caught out by point 4 when investing in UK shares. If I buy shares now I just stick to large names I know and use funds for the rest, mainly investment trusts.



You are not meant to read this and start doing it for yourself @malcolm, they are meant to demonstrate how difficult it is for a small investor to do and to trust your money instead with a fund manager like JP Morgan.

In truth, it is best to go with a fund manger for EM inversting but closer to home you can easily do it yourself.


The growth prospects of the Emerging countries (and there is a debate on who these should be) is the main tantalising element for investors. However, there are many factors to guard against. It is certainly better to use funds to cover such a sector and if you want a little less volatility then try Utilico Emerging as this invests in utilities, otherwise I prefer Genesis. Sadly JPMorgan’s trust has not been the best in the past but maybe it is their turn! The Income one is one to watch. I would not buy at a premium especially with all the stories about over done EM debt.

I have started investing a little in EM but I don’t think it is ready for a full attack just yet. Too much issue with the slowing global economies and US$.