JP Morgan Claverhouse say go British for dividend growth


With continued weak growth across the world investors have been fearing that without growth stock markets are overvalued. It is welcoming news therefo
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Too boring for me, more of an old persons investment or suitable for the pensions thing they have been writing about on here.


Good performance bores you @lukas ? What about watching man U these days does that not bore you too? :wink:

I’m a shareholder in this and I think it’s great. It pays a good dividend and the share price rises if not every year then over time. What’s not to like.

It doesn’t shoot the lights out but there again neither do I these days.


I’ve had a holding in this for a few years now too. It’s a great steady reliable type of holding that you can keep hold of without worrying too much. I’ll probably hold on to this for decades.