It’s all getting real – Hargreaves puts its vest(ing) on


I’ve always liked those moments when big, abstract concepts become real and commercial. A-Day was like that – it was fun debating what was going to ha
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I suppose the answer to if the £354 charge is too high depends on the size of your fund. Certainly their previous high charges to transfer away put me off moving more of my money to Alliance Trust Savings. As it is now I have funds in both and they’re both reasonably large enough to withstand this sort of exit fee charge, but it seems a little punitive for smaller fund of say £20-£30,000 or less.


Well like @markpolson says @jkstowe, HL charges ‘fully’ for what it does. To be fair to Hargreaves they do provide a good and easy to use, very convenient service but I just think they’ve been caught out a bit by the changes that have effected the platform industry these last few years and they’re playing catch up.

It’s encouraging to see their focus on investment trusts now though.



I don’t use Hargreaves myself but although it may be true they charge fully people who use them really like using them. They talk about the convenience and ease of use etc.

They were a little slow in making changes other platforms had made but they have caught up and as the biggest player in the direct market everyone want’s to eat their cheese, so they attract a lot of criticism, some of which may be jealousy.