Is everyone on holiday?


It’s been so quiet on these forums the past week or so. Where is every one and what are you up to?


yes I’ve been in Greece @casper. Everything is dead at this time of year, the tube is quiet, you can drive on the roads in London, my office is half empty.

Sorry if we left you all alone :frowning:


I’m in sunny Arbroath right now munching on a pock of chips and an Arbroath smokie, which is simply divine. And thanks for asking @casper !

I think @casper might be suggesting you should take him on holiday with you @citygirl and not leave all on his todd. I mean whit were you thinking leaving him all alone there. tut, tut! :grin:


Yes I could have come to Greece. I’m just as good as the next fellow you know at getting on down to the Birdie song on the dance floor. :dog:


Wouldn’t be the Birdies song I’d getting down to @casper. More likely to be something like…


Great choice in music @citygirl and it has something for everyone. It’s not just A$AP Rocky because it features Rod Stewart too, something for the oldies, and it’s produced by Mark Ronson.

I’m in Kos right now and this is one of the tunes of the Summer over here.

You should check out ‘Fuc***ng Problem’ by A$AP Rocky too if you like Every Day though watch out for the very bad language…


Still on holiday @casper but nice to see I am sorely missed :wink:


Children, really, what’s all this noise about. Here’ the solution…

And I’ve been touring micro breweries around the Southern US states thanks for asking Mr @casper


Ah yes - Dylan. And for some reason reminds me that I need to cut the grass and weed the garden.

Too much busy busy here with redecorating of one kind or another. But apart from that…